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Yea, can not believe how much that week bothered me. My blood pressure went high. Now I are back to my nice low blood pressure. My ear is getting to look like normal. It had a large low scab. I am cleaning up after breakfast one morning and something fell out of my ear and into the sink. Scared the life out of me. Thought some critter had taken up residency in my ear. After closer examination, I realized what it was. Enough of this, I will not tell you how I would use my high intensity LED head light to stick behind my ear and see all that was progressing. It would just bore you.

This week has been filled with very hot mornings, 80+ degrees followed by thunderheads by early afternoon and storm by mid afternoon. I am not a big fan of lightening unless it is night and a hundred miles away and you can watch it while sitting outside. This stuff is on top of you. First the wind wall of maybe 30 kts. Then the thunder rolls in with the big lightening. Big and close. The funny part is next to no rain. I need rain. There is a mangrove island just outside the marina. It is the roust for sever hundred crows. About sunset then come and sit on the house roofs around the marina. As the sun starts down they swarm around and land over in the mangroves. About 6 am the process reverses…, almost. Instead of landing on the houses, they land on the sailboats and large yachts. Thank God for the awning. Without rain, I need to hose it off every 2-3 days.

I did get the varnish coats on the wood that I needed. It is just to hot to put on the Bristol. You can thin it with Acetone. That’s a joke. For you ladies, Acetone is the main component of fingernail polish remover. It evaporates very quickly. The Bristol will have to wait till September or so.

The mate is coming home on the 9th. I am counting the days. Then in about 10 days later we go see the Grandkid. Looking forward to that. I have never been to Telluride. It looks really nice, even though it has no ocean by it.

We will see what the grandkid can show me. I have a feeling it will be mostly up and down. I saw on Facebook some of our acquaintances that did a 10 mile hike somewhere in the mountains. For those cruisers that remember my hiking skills, 2 miles about put me under. If I would keep up with the Yoga I may get better at hiking. When I keep it up my knees and hips do not bother me. Hiking in the mountains may be over the top. I will end on that.



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