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STILL HERE August 1, 2016

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That could mean a couple things. First, I am alive and here on the boat, still waiting for my beloved mate to come home. That will be cool.   One of the others, Sunday night there was an electrical storm that went on forever and was a major electrical storm. Early Sunday my son came and picked me up to go fishing. Therefore, I spent the night at his house. My boat lays about 10 miles east of his house. The storm was just east of Tampa about 6pm. Big dark cloud with a lot of lightening in it. This thing started growing. From our distance you could see it grow from 40 to 50 to 60k feet. As it grew the lightening expanded.

Where the kid lives he is maybe mile from the Gulf. They had a little rain about 3 weeks ago. Before that was maybe another 3-4 weeks. Well he got some rain. Not enough to write home about.

At 8 to 9 it was maybe at its peak. The lightening was constant. I am sitting on his couch and looking at the lightening and have the radar on the iPad. It was worry some. In fact I had a dream about the boat getting hit by lightening and sinking. When I got back to the boat I am walking down the dock crying and there is a group of people waiting by the slip. There is the Fed EPA, the state EPA, some other government people. Then there were home owners and their lawyers, all wanting to sue for my polluting the waterway. I remember the judge saying I had 0 money left then and forever. I woke up. When I got back to the boat it was there like I left it.

Oh, that meant no fresh water pumps. I have 2 spare fresh water pumps. In 2-1/2 years we were on the last working one that was not working very well. Well , one is total trash. The others 2 needed rebuilding. I did have a kit for one and put it on and it had an air leak on the intake side I could not find forever. To get to the pump is either going under the water heater or over the generator. Either way tears up your hands and arms. I have installed and removed it at least a dozen times. I have strange burses on my arms and blood blisters on my hands. I finely got the air leak defeated. I started on this project Friday afternoon and finished Monday noon. I have rebuild kits for the other pumps. One is to be here any day, the other is middle of August. Oh well, today I have water.

For those of you who have been on board, you know I built a clock for the mate that has Westminster chimes. Not something you run into on a boat. Yea, different. But the mate likes Westminster chimes. Well the Chinese works do not like salt air. The first works lasted a good 15 years. Not really at sea. The last one lasted about two years at sea. Well the new works got here today. The footprint is different. Got to do some modification to the inside of the clock. This meant taking off the face of the clock. Not an easy thing to do. But it is off and tomorrow I will take the saw to the body of the clock insides. Wish me luck.



1. Bernie and Jane - August 2, 2016

Good luck, Captain!

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