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IT IS TIME August 15, 2016

Posted by sailingnightwatch in Caribbean, Durbeck, FL, Florida, ICW, Pensacola, Repairs, Restoration, Sailing, Sailing the ICW.

That is a good thing. We will be heading to Colorado to meet the grandkid on her own turf. Daytime temps are in the 60’s. I have not been in that cold of an environment for over 3 years. I am not looking forward to that part of the trip. We have been digging out our winter clothes and seeing what fits and has not rotted away. We should be able to handle the 60’s. Nighttime temps are in the low 40’s. That will be a challenge.

I tried on my blue jeans. First time I have had long pants on in a long time. I have seen a sweater back behind my tee shirts. I need to dig it out. I have a couple long sleeve tee shirts. A couple sweet shirts and a light jacket. That’s it folks. Shoes are a joke. I own one pair of deck shoes. I have another old pair of shoes that are some what rotten. I wear them when hauling up the anchor and rinsing the mud off the chain. They stink and make your feet stink, BAD, but serve there function. They stay way back on the aft deck. I am going to have to buy another pair of deck shoes…, maybe when we get back.

We are going hiking. That will be interesting. We are also going for a swim. At a hot spring. Also we are looking at going in the Moab Desert in Utah. We are going to rent a motor home for us old folks. The rest like camping. Like sleeping bags only. The grandkid likes that stuff. I always felt that if one was going on a vacation, why on earth would you go if you must leave the comforts of home? Carrying your home on your back, sleeping on the ground, eating food that only a marine could love. Going behind a tree. Hoping that what ever is in the tree does not want you for a snack. I know there are many of you that think camping is great fun. That is good, your keeping all the people that make camping gear in a job. Keep up the good work.

My adventures have always been around water and sailing. Since being back I have done my best to keep the marine industry going. So far we have done our part for the air conditioning people, now working on feeding the water maker builders. I have not even mentioned the medical community. The removal of cataracts is only a month away. We also have to get the windmill people out. It runs but does not pivot. If they have to bring it down, I want to work on better balancing the blades…, maybe.

My pump rebuild projects are becoming a pain. Two of them I can not get apart. I will have to use the Dremil to cut off a bolt head on each pump. Then get the bolts out and replace them the pump heads. I have rebuilt my freshwater pump and can not fine a small air leak. It is on the intake side of the pump. It is so small, it does not leak water. When the pump is running, you can see air bubbles coming into the discharge hose. There are no bubbles on the intake side. That is driving me nuts. I have had that pump apart so many times, but still the same thing. There is one more thing I can try, but when I tried to do that the other day, I could not get the pump back together. The others are finding a hardware store that sell real stainless steel bolts in the sizes I need.

Next week I probably will not write this. By then I may have froze to death, died of lack of oxygen, fallen off a mountain, knees just fallen apart, or other fun thing that my little mountain girl will lead me into. The kid, when there is no snow to ski on, is into rock climbing and repelling. She is 8 years old and has developed biceps and triceps. I am looking for something to do when we have to get off the boat, but I don’t think it is rock climbing. It does sound like fun. Have to work on my pull ups. If I can even do any. Maybe I should add get a heart attack to that killer list. I am looking forward to this. Not the killer list, but trying to keep up with my mountain girl.



1. Jane and Bernie - August 15, 2016

Hang in there, Grandpa. We will be watching our 3year old and 18-month old weekdays for five days. Camping sounds easier. ☺️

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