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SUPER TOURIST August 29, 2016

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We went to Moab, UT. Moab is the town near both Arches National Park and Canyon Lands Park. Both of the parks look like the Roadrunner’s home. Did not see him or Wild E. Coyote. Only a small chipmunk.

Arches is a park that has rock Arches all over the place. It also has rocks that are balanced on top of tall spindles of rock. You walk under them and look up and can feel like an ant. Hope the rock, that has been there for millions of years, does not decide to fall.

The arches are large and you climb up to them, sit under them. The views are spectacular.

The Canyons are what it’s name implies. They are the canyons of the Colorado and Green rivers that come together in the park. The canyons are wide and deep and amazing. My daughter has hiked both these canyons and Grand Canyon. She says the only difference is that the Grand Canyon is huge. Colors the same.

To look at too many pictures go to my Facebook. It also has pictures of Telluride and Mountain Village.

When we got here it was in the 60’s. A little chilly, but ok. The temperature stayed about that until we left for Utah. There the temperature was in the low 80’s. Perfect. The elevation there is around 4000 feet. That means there is oxygen. Perfect.

When we got back to Telluride there was a dusting of snow on the higher peaks. Above 12000 feet. Telluride is about 8000 feet. I really never wanted to see snow again in my life. By Saturday it had all melted away except a very little on the highest peaks. Sunday morning it’s back…, and a little further down the peaks. This afternoon it was almost all gone again. It is 61 in town. We go home tomorrow.

We get to go to Tampa for a tropical depression with expected 10 inches of rain. That should mean the temps should be in the 70’s to low 80’s. Perfect for this not want to be mountain man to make a transition to confortable temperatures. Plus there will be lots of oxygen.



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