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With a boat that is not quite true. Boat are a depreciating asset. The guy who said a boat was a big hole in the water you poured money, had it right. The mate has swallowed the anchor plus she wants to move to the mountains to be closer to the grandkid. Friends and relatives remind me that she spent 18 years living my dream on a boat, and it may be her dreams time. Hmmmm.

To make a long heavy story short, we listed the boat last Saturday. Know anyone that wants a very confortable cruising boat. Since we got back, we have been working at restoring the boat after 2-1/2 years of sailing. It is amazing how much has worn out. With the exception of a few items, she is about ready to go again. Get the groceries on board, then off she can go.

Since we listed , the mate has become a slave driver to get everything fixed. She is even becoming a varnisher. Doing good. She likes that because she is doing the inside and it’s still in the 90’s outside. Big things include getting the water maker back from the manufacturer. It has a leak that we thought was an “O” ring. Replaced it and it still leaked. The local distributer sent it back to the factory to see what was wrong. They think it might need honed. Hopefully that is an inexpensive job. The awning needs a panel replaced. I need to replace some paneling that has water stains on them, and that’s about it. Knock on wood.

What are we going to do after the boat sells. You ready for this. We are moving to Colorado. That is home of the Grandkid. I have never been away from water since I was born. This will be a challenge. I spent my life moving further south till I was on the water. Lifetime goal accomplished. I never wanted to see snow again in my life. Well on vacation a few weeks ago there was snow on the higher peaks. This may become a failed goal. I did not mention how I love humidity. Sitting in the warm, humid cockpit this evening, it is hard to even imagine living in snow country. Real snow country. I do not know if I can tolerate 6 months without going outside of a condo.

The mate could be packed and out of here in just a few hours. She is done sailing. She has one more trip in her and that will be to Pensacola to close the loop. We plan to do that in early December for about a week or two. The rest of her cruising will be day trips. I am still pushing for the Bahamas. Those are fighting words. Shoot, after 50 years, what a few more fighting words.

Oh yea, we did pass 50 years of blissful married life a couple weeks ago. OK, those of you who have been married for the better part of a life time know it is not always blissful. I still have a few cousins who have been married longer, friends I would be hard pressed to name. I do not think our kids know anyone but their parents that have made it more then 2 10ths that time. Good for us. Its been good. Especially the sailing part. Oh.

Well got to get back to getting this old boat looking like a silk purse.






1. Bernie and Jane - September 14, 2016

“Time to say good-bye…” Never easy. I understand the grief. I am glad we sailed with the Noghtwatch and its crew as often as we did. They are among both Bernie’s, mine and our family’s favorite vacations. “Thanks for the memories!”

2. Stan Carver - September 15, 2016

Ralph, have you guys really really prayed about this? Grandkids grow up so quickly! Then they basically have their own lives to live and soon forget the grandparents. As a friend, don’t let the love of grandkids become an idol. You can enjoy them, but can you center your life around them? I planned my trip with my youngest son, but he grew up and had his own life to live. Did it hurt and disappoint? Hell yea! You guys be very careful. Pray and pray, don’t mind my advise, then commit.


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