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Well the auto pilot works. The Multiple Function Display works. The DSC which is a safety function of the radios that give ones lat/long to the Coast Guard in case you are in an emergency, does not work. The VHF radio also has AIS which give you information on other commercial vessels in a 20 mile radius. With the radar and the AIS one can have very good information on how to avoid a collision. The AIS is not working.

In the last day and a half I have worked on getting these two problems corrected. So far no success. I and a tech I am worked with from Furuno are trying to figure it out. I should say he is working, I am bewildered. But it is not over yet.

We went out for a drive in the boat Thursday. First time we had been out in the boat in weeks. Saturday was the best sailing day in months. We went sailing. It was wonderful.

That is when we discovered that there was problems with the radios Lat/Long and AIS. Sunday, after church and some grocery shopping, I started trying to figure it out. Monday evening I got an email with an idea and a schematic of what I have from the Furuno tech. It got the AIS and the VHF Lat/Long working. The SSB still does not work, so I spent the afternoon reading the manuals and believe I can fix it. I may call the tech in the morning and pass it by him. Hate to screw something up. Electronics is not my forte.

Since the hurricane we have had steady strong winds. Now they are blowing here well into the 20’s. That is what we had for the hurricane. I want to take the boat out and try all the functions that the auto pilot will do. So far I do not think it does anything that the old one did not do. I believe it is a lot easier to set up. It will sail by the wind if set up right. The old one took forever to set up and I only used it once. It was spooky. The old one could not follow a route very well and I did not use that function very often. Spooky.

Another thing it does, if the AIS is turned off, it still will receive targets. If one is going to collided with you it brings your plotter range in and sounds an alarm. Push a button and the alarm goes off…, for a minute. Then it is back buzzing away. One could say that is a nice safety function. One could. We have a boat about 6 slips down the dock. His AIS was on with no one on board. As the wind blew us around in our slips. The angle between the boats would get to where we would be on a collision course. Yes it works and the alarm goes off. It is loud and very annoying, especially when you are trying to track down circuitry. I shut the whole system off, packed up my manuals and schematics and came below to continue my research. That made it about nap time. Must have been a good nap, it only took me a short time to come up with my new solution.

The water maker is to be reinstalled next Wednesday. With the warrantee and a little labor, we get a new Clark Pump. That is the heart of the system. We may be making progress.



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