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The particular condo we were looking at sold. No problem, there are several exactly like it on each floor. With its sale, my daughter a realtor who did not sell it but was able to find out the details of the sale. One of the shocks was a special assessment that was about 20% of the total price. Plus they want the extra money on close. That would be a major hit to our retirement. The assessment is used to put new roofs on the buildings and redecorate every unit. This is done about every 5 years. That killed that deal.

We also had the boat cleaned up like never before. It really looks good. Makes you want to stay. Plus it is paid for. Where we are located is reasonable and a very nice neighborhood. It has been our home for 19 years. Can you believe.

Then we find that where the daughter and family have been living is over. They are looking at a house about 30 miles away from where we were going to buy. Not good.

One of the considerations I did not like was the lack of medical facilities in the area. There is a medical clinic in Telluride, but no hospital. They can set arm and legs, but not set up for strokes or heart attacks. You are a hour away from a full hospital. Today I am in great health, but am 72. It can’t go on forever, maybe another 40-50 years, but not forever.

Another concern was the cost of living in Telluride. It is ridicules. You would have to take a day and go to Denver to shop for normal closes and things for your home.

All right, you know what’s up, we are trying not to sell the boat. We have a contract with the broker and we have given notice on wanting out of it. We also raised the price to the insured value. If the broker could find someone to pay that amount, we would sell. No one would give us that much in the future. We would have to take the money and run.

I feel for the mate. It is not fun loosing a dream. But she is going to Telluride for a week. I will be home recuperating from my cataract surgery. One this Thursday, one the next Thursday and then she is off for 7 days.

Therefore it looks like my dream is some what together. No long range cruising, we can get out more, once we have the boat back together. Still planning the trip to Pensacola.

The water maker is working up to specs. Most of the paneling is back up and varnished. We still have to replace the paneling around the basin in our stateroom. There is a leak somewhere in the overhead. We believe we have found the leak, but want a good rain storm as a final test. We believe         it is one of the bolts holding down the main sheet track. It has passed the hose test, but the leak is very close to the mizzen mast. Could be coming from there. Hope not.

This week I am working on the bright work. I got a couple coats of Bristol on the cap rail today. I will do the cockpit cap rail tomorrow. It is nice to work in temps about 80 degrees. Our first real cold front of the season.



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