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EYE ONE October 31, 2016

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Yea, that was the big thing last week. Started taking eye drops on Monday. That helps elevate the blood pressure as one anticipates Thursday’s surgery. Thursday we are at the surgery center at 7:30. I am nerves.

First I have a phobia about needles. One of the first things they do is put a needle in your hand. Should be easy. The lady says that sticking people is all she does. Should be easy…. Cannot find the right vein in my hand. OK lets move to the inside arm. By this time she is into the bag of rusty bent needles. The lady has not helped to lesson my phobia.

Secondly, you are awake during the surgery. I mean not get up and walk around wake, but you can hear, see and follow instructions. No pain. Good thing. Following instructions was enough.

This Thursday is eye two. I do not want to meet the needle lady again, but the surgery was OK.

I always want to know what is going on to the most detail. They do a good job of giving you reading material about what is going to happen. What they missed is what recovery is going to entail. Right after surgery your eye is extremely dilated. You can see light and you’re in a semi-darkened room. The difference between the old and new lens is amazing. My white had become an egg shell color. Now the white with the new lens is really white.

Then Friday morning I woke about 4 A.M. I could not make out anything out of the new lens. I could tell there was light and darkness, that there were lights in the clock and thermostat. Could even begin to see individual numbers. I am not a happy camper. I get up and reread all the info that they give you about what can go wrong and what they do. It is not what is happening. I did get maybe a hour more sleep. With daylight I could see some, but would need the other eye to walk around and do steps.

8:30, I am on the phone and talk to nurse Ruth. She is the answer lady. I start to tell here and she interrupts and says your eye is still dilated. We talk for another couple minutes and it is obvious she know more of what I am seeing or not, then I do. She spends half the time telling me bench marks of what is suppose to happen and not happen. I feel better, but still could not see much. Tonight I can see better out of it then I can out of the other eye which was my good eye. I am ready for Thursday.

Couple things are a pain in the bute. I can not lift more then 25 pounds. I sorry, I live on a boat. Everything I do you lift 25 pound for some reason. The other is I can not have my eye below my waste. Like do not bend over to pick something up. Try doing that. It is amazing how often one bends over. That is to be for 3 weeks after surgery. I have projects to do every day. Have to do the projects to keep the boat ready to go. I have ran out of little projects. Today I varnished the edge of the cockpit table. That was the big project for the day. I did convince the mate that the garbage weighs 25+ pounds. Do not know how long that will last. Almost wanting to take that back. I would have something to do.

Sunday, the mate leaves for Colorado. I know she is going to look hard for a place to live near the grandkid. I just hope her brain is working better then her heart. The reasons other then just the added expense of the condo are still valid.



1. Bernie and Jane - October 31, 2016

Blessings on the eye surgeries.

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