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The mate returns tomorrow night. I am looking forward to that. A high.

The boat is back on the market. One reason is we had a couple we met in the Bahamas that had expressed interest in the boat if we were going to sell. We had made contact with him and put him in our brokerage agreement. The mate has again expressed interest in selling the boat. The individual has expressed some interest at a price that would be a steel for him and would be totally unacceptable for me. But no offers have been made so no negotiations can take place. A low.

This has been an interesting and extremely challenging three months. A high, or a low…, depending on the day or week or month. That’s life.

The boat is ready to sail with very few exceptions. I have suspects of the wellness of the battery charger. The display on the charger and on the remote give strange readings, and not necessarily at the same time. . The batteries seem to recharge, but I can only check at night. During the day the solar panels charge till the controller cuts them off. I have not ran the charger in a month. The last couple day we have had some clouds, but not enough to keep the solar panels from giving a charge that will carry everything through the night. The solar panels have not been turned off for 2 years, since we installed them. I can shut off the power to the controller and pull the fuses. Then what happens to the 500 watts coming in the boat to the fuse. That is a fair amount of juice to have wanting to go someplace. I am always afraid of stray current. I see this as being a lot of potential stray current. I have the name of a marine electrician. I believe I will call him and ask his advice.

After answering those questions, one only has to store the fresh water hose, the electric cables and mooring lines, back out of the slip and point her where you want to go. She is ready. A high. Her master is ready, her mate is not. A low.

Life is good, strange, challenging, but good.



1. Jane - November 15, 2016

Great attitude.

2. Stan Carver - November 16, 2016

Sure hate your roller coaster ride my friend. All I know to do is just pray, pray and pray some more.

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