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We made Highborne Cay. Need fuel but the fuel tanker was not to arrive till late PM. It did and we got fuel the next after noon. The water is the clearest yet. The trip was slow because of 3 foot seas on the nose. We stayed 2 days because of the fuel situation, and then moved to Norman Cay.

The water was not as clear. Probably because of the partly cloudy sky. Mary gives no quarter. We did nothing off the boat (another private island) and got ready to leave in the AM.

Went to Norman Cay. Went snorkeling. First time she has been really snorkeling in 10 years. We did it in 4 foot of water by a cliff. Saw many yellow and blue grunts. All about 5 inches long. Water is amazingly clear. You can see 20-30 feet like looking across the room. We had the beach to ourselves.

Went bck to the boat for dinner of steaks. Best day yet.

Moved on to Big Major Spot. Amazing. The clearest water yet. I kid you not, it gets better all the time. As we finished anchoring, there was about a 4 foot nurse shark that wandered under the boat. Did not get the camera out fast enough to get a picture. We anchored there to visit StanielCay.

On the way I hooked either a Wahoo of a Barracuda about 200 yards behind the boat Set the hook, he jumped once, and was gone. Hook and all. He either bit the knot or broke it on heavy leader and went on his merry way. That was my last big hook.

OK, this is the clearest yet, no joke. We dinghy over to Staniel Cay about 1.25 mile away. Getting used to these long dingy rides. Went into the dingy beach for the Staniel Cay yacht club. A bar by any other name is a bar. Great hamburger fir $12 and Mary had a Mia-Mia sandwich for $14. I also had my first Klick been. The beer of the Bahamas. All was good. We rented a golf Cart for an hour and went to the general stores and bought some carrots from Canada. I have not idea what they cost.

Today we moved on to Black Point, another 10 miles SE. We went ashore and bought fresh baked bread from Lorraine’s Café. It was Sunday and she was just getting home from church. We had to go to here house and get the bread hot out of the oven. Oh, poor us. We got 2 loafs, one cinnamon/rasin and the other coconut. Oh what can I say. This is not helping my big gut. We also have WIFI once in a while. They turn it off at the cafes because the electricity cost a lot.

We are leaving for Little Farmers Cay in the morning and then on to Georgetown.



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