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Looks almost like it used to. We got two new little trees with lights already on them. That is good. We place one in the saloon and one in our stateroom. We had saved our little ornaments that we had used for years and the crèche. The mate also bought a new wreath that we hang on the wheel pedestal. So much for the decorations. We will be spending Christmas eve and day at my sons place. All sounds like a plan. Pictures in Facebook.

Other then that I am still stuck with the gremlins. Actually two groups. They may have multiplied. Today I started on group one, going through the engine instruments and cleaning every connection. That will kill half a day.

I then started down the engine connections, and it became a disaster. The oil sender is where you almost can not get to. Well I got to it, took off the wires, cleaned the connection and while putting the wires back on busted the sender. Part of it is made of baked clay and is tender when new. After 19 years and sitting on the engine it got real tender. Or, my hands may be stronger then I think they are. Well after breaking the sender and giving full utilisation of my sailor vocabulary, I gave up for the day.

My second gremlin resides in my radios. They get lat/long and course information from the GPS and compass. Maybe I should say used to. A few weeks ago I had everything working like a charm. That was till the water maker man reinstalled the Clark pump. I think he may have brushed against some of the wires that come out of the controller for the autopilot. Anyway, it has not worked since. I was going to attack it right after the man left and I noticed the radios no longer got there input. That was during the time the eye doctor had me on no exercise and no bending over. The control box is under our berth. You have to crawl down in there and then wedge yourself in a position to keep from falling a couple more feet into the bilge. Then getting out is a real chore. This is the first day I could get back to exercising after 5 weeks. I did my full routine. I felt exhausted the rest of the day. The wiring of the engine instruments, had me standing on a stool with my hands over my head. By the time I got to the engine, I was really tired. Maybe tomorrow I will work my way down to the control box. If you do not here from me again, look under the berth.




1. Jane - December 6, 2016

Couple of martinis 🍸🍸and/or glasses of wine 🍷🍷and things will look a lot different – at least for a while! 😂

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