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This was a year that went very fast. Good times and not so good. I guess that makes it about average. But it wasn’t. The year started in St Martin waiting for a break in the Christmas Winds so we could start heading back to the Bahamas and meet our kids for vacation.

We got a window and headed for St Croix. We had been to the BVI’s and the US Virgins enough in the past 2 years that there was little that we wanted to see. St Croix is actually the furthest east of the US Virgins. We anchored off Christiansted. The island had been settled by the Dutch and has architecture that would fit into northern Europe. It is quaint and beautiful. We found a little restaurant for lunch and celebrated the mates birthday. Great meal. Did not want to leave. The next day we rented a car and traveled to the eastern point of the island and then back to the city on the southeast side, Frederiksted. The island is bigger then it looks.

The next day we headed north to Culebra. This was our third time here so we were not going to spend much time there. We rented a golf cart and toured the island. The whole island. N,S,E and W It is a very pretty island with beaches, great snorkeling spots and an interesting history.

We left for Puerto Pitallis in Puerto Rico. This is the bay where Don and Jan of “Plane to Sea” live. We spent three days there. Jan had to leave on the 2ed morning because of a family emergency. We rode with Don to San Juan to the air port. He took us on the high mountain roads over and the eastern less mountainous way back. It is a beautiful island. It is modern and friendly. I can see why many cruisers swallow the anchor there.

We beat feet towards the Turks and Ciaos. We made it across the Mona Passage to the north coast of the DR. We were to have another nice day while we made it to the Turks and Ciaos. Our weatherman Chris Parker said that was no longer an option and we needed to find a place to hide. We did for 5 days. Then had a window that took us non stop to Georgetown, Bahamas. This put us a month ahead of schedule to meet our kids. We settled in. The kids came and went and we headed to the States. That was the first half of the year.

On the way up we spent an evening in Ft Meyers with some of the first friends we met after moving onto Nightwatch. It was a wonderful evening with a beautiful family.

It is year end and the first of the year we will be moving to a different marina in Palmetto, FL. That is a story for another day.

How you coming on your resolutions? I’m finished with mine. In 72 years I have never made a New Years resolution. Why start now. Have a very happy and prosperous New Year.



1. Jane - December 29, 2016

Good resolve-never make a resolution and you stuck to it! Happy and Safe New Year!

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