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WHITNESSING THE END January 10, 2017

Posted by sailingnightwatch in Caribbean, Durbeck, FL, Florida, ICW, Pensacola, Repairs, Restoration, Sailing, Sailing the ICW.

We lived in Alabama for about 5 years. The Bear was there and I became hooked on the SEC and the Tide. Now I must say I am happy for Clemson. I have a whole group of cousins that are Clemson Alums. They won and it was apparent all during the second half that they had the upper hand if time permitted. Well it did. Alabama just did not have it together. The comments their coach made as he went to the locker room at half time held on through the second half. I think they may have been the better team, but they beat themselves last night. We need a rubber match for the 2017 championship.

We moved to a bigger slip and I did another great landing. Probably not make another good landing as long as we are here. Timing was good also. We did have a windy rainy Friday night and Saturday. Not the gale that was forecast, but it was miserable. Then it got cold. 40’s. Come on we are in Florida. Plus 2-1/2 years in the islands, I can’t handle temperatures below 70. It is now Tuesday and it was almost 70. Tomorrow 75. Wahoo.

I stumbled across a Facebook entry by two of our Canadian friends from cruising. They looked great considering you could only see a small part of their faces.  Don’t freeze friends.  Hope you still have the same goal.

The boat still wants to quit. The router died a couple months ago. It was about 5 years old and that is about their life expectancy. We have WIFI here, but no one has it. The people blame it on the fact that this place is mostly sailboats. To many masts. First we got a new router. Still nothing. I contacted the outfit I bought the WIFI booster from. They are still in business. Wonderful. We loaded a software program that resets the booster. Well, it was suppose to. The booster has a power light, it works, a Lan light, it works. It should work. We checked the router by activating the software and found about 5 other boosters around me, but none were mine. I mailed the booster to the people and will see if it is cheaply repairable. We are selling the boat and are not giving anyone a new booster. We can use the our hotspot. There is also a crews lounge that has good WIFI.

I still have a project list, but have not been working on it since we moved. So today I was going to work on the bow sprit. I was also going to warm up the engine today and when I checked the oil I found about a gallon of in in the catch pan under the engine. NOT GOOD. I went all around the engine and checked for leaks. We had a bolt that holds on the one of the motor mounts that actually passes through an oil run. It had leaked like this. Put the bolt back in, no leak. That was not it. I filled the engine back up and cleaned up the spilled oil. Cranked the engine and started feeling all the places I would think it leaked. I had replaced the oil sender when I was looking for the engine electrical gremlin. I did not put Teflon tape on the threads and it had a strong drip going on. The gallon came from the trip down here. Fixed that and another problem solved. The cleanup took about 3 hours, the fix about 30 minutes, including test time.

Engine electrical gremlin. On the way down it left. I have no clue. That is why they are gremlins. I had continue to clean and tighten wires to no avail. It was with us when we left the marina. I did not do anything while underway. Just looked over at the instruments and shasaam, no gremlin. The engine has been started about 6 times since then, and still no gremlin. I even had an electrition scheduled. I was concerned about the cost. Troubleshooting cost. Maybe a Greater Power know about electrical gremlins.

Maybe tomorrow I will get to work on refinishing the bow sprit deck.




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