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A BIG STEP FORWARD January 30, 2017

Posted by sailingnightwatch in Caribbean, FL, Florida, ICW, Pensacola, Repairs, Restoration, Sailing, Sailing the ICW.

That‘s if you think selling your boat is forward.

The survey was 31 or 35 pages long. Broker thought that was a lot. When I bought this boat, my survey was 71 pages long. I had asked the surveyor to be detail. He was. If a light bulb did not work he wrote it down. This surveyor was not bad. He did write down things that are part of a new boat and not what one would expect to get on a 38 year old boat, even when new. Covering open circuits on the back of the electrical panel. Label wiring on the backside of the electrical panel. And secure the rudder so it does not flop back and forth. Those were 3 of the items he wrote down.

There is a right way and a cheap way to do the rudder. The surveyor said to do the cheap way and he can do it right way the next time he is in the yard. The keyway has wore to where the rudder shaft rotates slightly. It needs to be filled and a new keyway cut. The surveyor suggested drilling a whole for a bolt that will pass through the tiller and the rudder shaft. That is not a big deal. I was asked to take care those three items. The buyer did not ask for a reduction in price, so I was good with the fixes. I have 2 more circuits to make covers for, drill the rudder shaft and I will be done. Drill a perpendicular whole will be hard to start. Then it is drilling a straight 3” hole.

Friday the new owner is coming to inspect the work. He should be happy. He is a pilot for American Airlines. He and his lady plan to live on the boat and learn to sail before going cruising. Good plan. The boat is in good shape and one could just cast off and do the islands again. I’m ready. He has moved the closing up 1 week. That is a good sign.

The other item is the mate and I have not looked at the first place to live in. That makes me a little nervous. Do not know why, I remember flying into Lexington, KY on the company plane being picked up by a realtor and sighing a contract before getting back on the plane that afternoon. We can do this stuff.

Got a couple days to complete everything. Better get with it.



1. Jane - January 31, 2017

You are doers and good at getting many things in life done!

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