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LIVING A LONG TIME IN A HOME February 14, 2017

Posted by sailingnightwatch in Caribbean, Durbeck, FL, Florida, ICW, Pensacola, Repairs, Restoration, Sailing, Sailing the ICW.

Even a boat, yes, even a boat. We have lived on board for 19 years, less 3 weeks. Do you have any idea how much junk you can accumulate, even on a boat. OK, we have no basement. No family room. No big dinning room…, but we have a lot of places to stuff stuff. Every little nick and corner is a storage place. There are places to store thing in areas you have to crawl into. There is only one place you can get to that has not been filled up at least once in 19 years. We used to store our engine oil in a place only the mate could crawl into to retrieve them. We are not talking quarts, but gallon containers. Diesels do not do quarts.

The boat is a disaster. I am a neat freak when it comes to the saloon. We can still sit at the bar, the chart table and one spot on the settees. We can almost get to the forward head. The bunks are full of stuff to the overhead. But, drawers and storage spaces are regurgitating there contents. It is now on the deck, settees, shelves, just not where it belongs.   And I have taken countless garbage bags of stuff to the garbage cans. Those of you that know us, know we do not even have stuff. The boat is pretty sterile.

We have already moved 3 large dock carts of stuff to the apartment. Next week we are renting a full size car Wednesday and take two loads to the apartment. Hopefully we will then be able to take one last load to the apartment Thursday when we move to the son’s house and dog sit for 2 weeks. That is the plan. Then we will be gone from Nightwatch.

I am going to try to get some pictures of the mess and post on Facebook. Oh, remember I said I was going to post pictures of the F-2 race boats. I can not get them to download. So, if you ever see F-2 race boat pictures on my Facebook, something happened. Probably not by me.

One more instalment to follow. Remember this was. “A blog dedicated to learning and exchanging info on cruising and living on a sailing vessel”. That was what this has been in my feeble way. Without a boat it would be difficult to continue.



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